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What Patients Are Saying"

"I always enjoy seeing Dr. Johnson and his staff.  Have been a regular patient going on 30 years!" - M Culligan

"In 80 years, this was the most satisfactory and non-stressful dental visit I have ever had.  Removal of 8 teeth and insertion of a replacement tooth plate without any pain.  The numbing of the gums was hardly felt and the tooth removal was the same.  My new plate looks like a million and now my wife's getting jealous because my teeth are so white.  She said now I could go back to smiling." - Bill Singleton

"As always, the staff was most friendly and helpful and courteous.  My scheduled time was 9:30 AM, and, as always, Dr. Johnson and his assistant were very prompt.  Dr. Johnson is amazingly informed and up to date with clinical procedures and situations.  He explains how and why he is doing a particular dental procedure and answers my questions and concerns with professional information that I can understand.  Additionally, I never feel like he is in a hurry, but that he cares about my dental health.  I recommend him to all my friends." - Karen Johnson

"Quick, friendly, and always ready when I arrive." - Brandon Rose

"They were very polite.  They got me in immediately and took care of my issue.  I would highly recommend them." - Teresa Lundin

"Great folks there!" - Christine Padgitt

"They were caring and helpful." - Rae Rich

"They are always personable and I never have to wait very long.  They also answer my questions thoroughly." - Christine Kuchenski

"Dr. Johnson and Brittany were wonderful!  Getting a filling done was painless and fast!  Thank you for a job well done!" - Lynda Mills

"Each of the text reminders for the appointments were timely.  The staff was personal and professional, including Dr. Don, who was not only detailed and informative about his procedures, but compassionate as a family friend." - Greg Johnson

"I feel like they care." - John Dier

"I have been going to Dr. Johnson for 9 years and he and his staff have been great.  I have never felt pain when getting dental work done.  I have been having my teeth cleaned on a regular basis - another painless experience.  They care about their patients." - Sharon Clark

"Dr. Johnson is an excellent dentist.  I've been a patient of his for over 20 years.  The staff is kind-hearted and compassionate.  I would recommend them to a friend." - Anon

“Dr. Johnson is a professional, trusting dentist that I've been a patient of for over 25 years. Love his sense of humor and always look forward to seeing the staff!  It’s always a good experienced.” – Mary Culligan

“Our whole family loves Dr. Johnson's dental care. We have trusted him for almost 20 years.  My boys all grew up with Dr. Johnson taking care of everything from spreading pallet and orthodontist referrals to fixing a half chipped front tooth over the weekend.  As an adult I have needed old military fillings replaced, crowns, teeth whitening and even a dirt bike motorcycle racing mouth guard. He can take care of everything in the mouth even my husband’s snoring!  Great dentist - great office!” – Tia Flynn

“Dr Johnson and his staff are very nice. They have gone overboard to take care of me. Been going to him for over a year.” – Chad Mauer

“Been our family dentist for over 35 years. Great dentist!” – Greg Willette

“No Fear!” - Anon

“He is a great dentist and I have been seeing him for 2 years.  I also take my daughter to him as well.
She is 4 years old and has no fear of the dentist.  It’s all a mother can hope for.” - DLO


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