Smile Again With Dentures

Do you hesitate before you smile, but you used to smile without a pause? Do you cover your mouth with your hand when you eat? These are both common behaviors of people who have lost one or more teeth. Missing teeth, not replaced, don’t just affect a person's self-image, they also increase the chances of developing nutritional problems and other physical health issues. There is no reason to hide your smile any longer, dentures are a reliable and time-tested replacement for a full arch of missing teeth.

Dr. Johnson in Coeur d’Alene, ID, offers multiple denture options to address each patient’s specific needs, from traditional dentures to removable partial dentures. The doctor will determine the best option for you after a thorough exam and discussion.

Full Dentures Options

Immediate Dentures - These are a short-term solution to help you transition to wearing dentures permanently. Following the extraction of teeth, all patients will experience a period of muscular readjustment, as well as the natural shrinkage of bone, dentures which are placed immediately after tooth extraction will not fit as well as the permanent dentures, made when healing is completed. Immediate dentures, however, provide you with new teeth right away, and give you time to adjust to wearing a prosthetic.

Conventional Full Dentures - This custom made dental appliance is made of resin or porcelain. Dr. Johnson will create the impressions in our office and send to an off-site laboratory where a natural-looking ceramic prosthetic will be crafted. Your full dentures will be delivered for placement after your gum tissue has completely healed.

Benefits of Wearing Immediate or Conventional Dentures

  • Ability to eat with confidence restored
  • Speech is improved
  • Wrinkles and facial sag diminish
  • Self-confidence and smile restored
  • Facial and lip structure are supported for a more youthful appearance 

How Dentures Are Crafted

Making natural-looking dentures is a combination of science and art. To begin, a precise impression will be prepared of the alveolar ridges in the top and bottom of your mouth. In a dental laboratory, the base of the denture will be made from this mold. Working as a team, the dentist and lab technician will choose from the many different sizes and shapes of prosthetic teeth to re-create your natural-looking smile.

To support normal speech and eating, it's crucial that you have a balanced bite. This means that the upper and lower dentures come together properly to stabilize each other and allow jaw joints to seat properly. The form and function of your dentures will be carefully tested to ensure that they work and fit correctly.

Rediscover Your Smile

Dr. Johnson has years of experience helping patients choose the right dentures for their lifestyle. Call us now at 208-667-4551 for a new smile consultation.