Children's Dentistry

Taking Care of Future Generations

At Heartfelt Family Dental Excellence in Coeur d’Alene, ID, we want to be your child's trusted and beloved dental providers. Beginning visits to Dr. Johnson early create an opportunity to reinforce good oral habits and create a positive experience.  We will commit to developing trust and confidence in your child that will carry into adulthood. During every visit, we will talk to your child directly and encourage any questions they might have, building our relationship with them while teaching them how to care for their teeth at every stage. 

Babies and Small Children

Early childhood preventative dental care begins when the first tooth starts to appear. Common concerns during these years involve early childhood caries, or baby bottle tooth decay.  During visits, Dr. Johnson and our team will teach you and your children about brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day, and we will address any dietary concerns.  When dental visits and good oral health habits are established early, dental care in later years is usually less extensive and less expensive.

Children with healthy mouths:

  • Chew better
  • Retain more nutrients in their food
  • Speak faster and clearer
  • Smile more
  • Have less absences from school

We recommend that your child sees a dentist for cleaning twice a year.  During early childhood dental visits, multiple topics will be covered, such as sealants, fluoride, space maintenance, thumb and pacifier habits, diet, and snacking.  These visits are similar to the recommended well-child exams with your pediatrician.  Early prevention and education will lead to a healthier and happier childhood.

Tweens and Teens

Self-image and appearance are everything to this age group.  Decayed, discolored, or crooked teeth can make tweens and teens embarrassed and self-conscious during already challenging years.  Regular cleanings and check-ups are crucially important during this time.  Tweens and teens snack more, trying different types of foods outside of parentally-regulated norms.  This independence can lead to increased tooth decay and plaque. Continuing routine visits will allow us to prevent and work to address cavities, discoloration, crowding, malocclusion, and bite concerns.  This is the time of life when our children start asking about (or begging) for braces, so Dr. Johnson will discuss with you and your teen treatment options and projected orthodontic plans, if appropriate.

When the time is right, our team can educate your child on wisdom teeth removal, oral piercings, and tobacco usage. 

Bring Your Child Home

A strong foundation is the best place to start.  Early appointments and good oral health habits help build a strong child into a responsible, healthy adult, call us now at 208-667-4551 to schedule an appointment.