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What Patients Are Saying

“Dr. Johnson is a professional, trusting dentist that I've been a patient of for over 25 years. Love his sense of humor and always look forward to seeing Desiree and Lori! It’s always a good experienced.” – Mary Culligan 2015

“Our whole family loves Dr. Johnson's dental care. We have trusted him, Desiree and Lori for almost 20 years. My boys all grew up with Dr. Johnson taking care of everything from spreading pallet and orthodontist referrals to fixing a half chipped front tooth over the weekend. As an adult I have needed old military fillings replaced, crowns, teeth whitening and even a dirt bike motorcycle racing mouth guard. He can take care of everything in the mouth even my husband’s snoring! Great dentist - great office!” – Tia Flynn 2015

“Dr Johnson and his staff are very nice. They have went overboard to take care of me. Been going to him for over a year.” – Chad Mauer 2015

“Been our family dentist for over 35 years. Great dentist!” – Greg Willette 2014

“No Fear!”

“He is a great Dentist and have been seeing him for 2yrs.I also take my daughter to him as well.
She is 4 yrs old and has no fear of the Dentist. It’s all a mother can hope for.” - DLO

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